Over 21 Years Of Dentistry Experience

Check out some frequently asked questions we get from our patients.
Do you work with children?

Of course! We welcome families of all kinds to Dr. King and Associates. Our team is more than capable of providing a gentle approach when it comes to caring for your son or daughter. In fact, we enjoy being able to get them started on the lifelong path to oral health through regular check-ups, cleanings, and patient education.

Will I have to go to a separate doctor if I want to get dental implants?

Not if you visit Dr. Brian King! While many other dentists often have to send patients elsewhere in order to undergo the surgical portion of the procedure, we can conveniently perform every step of the process right here, at our Elkhart dental office, in most cases, saving you valuable time. In the infrequent instances that we do need to refer our patients elsewhere because of special circumstances, we'll always recommend a professional we know and trust, and we'll personally check-up with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly until you return to our office to receive your final restoration.

What kind of technology do you have at your office?

We offer several advanced tools in order to make your appointments with us that much smoother and more comfortable, including digital radiography, panoramic X-rays, and the Wand Anesthesia System. Check out our office page to learn more!

Is there any way you can help me get a whiter smile?

Yes! With KöR Teeth Whitening, we can dramatically brighten your teeth and leave you feeling more confident than ever. Both in-office and take-home options are available so that you're able to pick the one that best fits your needs.

What are my payment options?

We do our best to make every step of the dental care process as simple and straightforward as possible, including payment. That's why we accept several options, including most insurance plans (we'll even file your information ourselves to ensure that you receive the most out of your benefits), cash, checks, major credit cards and financing options with Care Credit. Learn more about our new patient page.